Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio

Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio Bugia by Giuseppe Cormio

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Giuseppe Cormio designed the Bugia (Italian for candle holder) bedside lamp for the Milan Fair of 1975. It was taken into production a year later by the brothers Guzzini. This stylish object has a distinctive Italian look. It is simple, streamlined and elegant and reminds us of the work of other great designers like Gae Aulenti.


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Giuseppe Cormio (1944) is an Italian architect and designer who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1969. As a student he already worked for the designer Ambrogio Brusa. Throughout his professional career, Cormio mainly devoted himself to the issue of residence, which implied new constructions and renovations as well as the design of furniture. /// iGuzzini, with headquarters in Recanati, is currently the leading Italian company in the lighting industry and is being considered as one of the most important in Europe. For the production of artistic objects in enameled copper, the brothers Raimondo, Virgilio and Giovanni Guzzini founded ‘Harvey’ Guzzini in 1959. The name of their company was inspired by the giant rabbit named Harvey, the imaginary friend of James Stewart in the 1950s movie of the same name. Later it was changed into iGuzzini and from 1972-1978 they produced lamps under the name Harveiluce. The Guzzini brothers were among the first in Italy who focused on the added value of lighting in architecture and thus also promoted the profession of Lighting Designer. Until today IGuzzini has manufactured a numerous amount of innovating work of leading Italian designers and architects.


Height 16 cm Width 18 cm
Depth 18 cm



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