Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn

Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn Globe (B-1040.20) by Frank Ligtelijn

Item is currently out of stock. Please contact us to pre-order. Light smoked glass globe with aluminium reflector inside. 


This pendant is part of the Globe series by Frank Ligtelijn, who became a member of Raak’s design team in the early 1960s. The globe series became highly successful and characteristic for the company Raak. One of its attractions lies in the fact that the globe is not made out of plastic but quality glass from the German glass factory Peill & Putzler. This really adds to the beauty of the lamp and shows the attention to detail, typical for all Raak products.

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Raak was an Amsterdam lamp factory, founded in 1954 by Carel O. Lockhorn, who used to work for the lighting division of Philips. Raak also had a branch in Eindhoven. The caption on its labels said Light Architecture, which pointed out that their lamps need to be seen as extensive and supporting elements of architecture and interior design. The company manufactured many lights for public and government buildings as well as for home use. A large and international group of architects, industrial designers, electrical engineers and decorators contributed to the refined minimalist aesthetic of Raak’s light objects (E.J. Jelles, Maija Liisa Komulainen, Frank Ligtelijn, Nanny Still, Nico Kooy, Sergio Asti, e.a.). Frank Ligtelijn's Globe 2000 (also called Raak 2000), a floor lamp manufactured in 1961, really set the tone for the company's characteristic style: a sophisticated design, durable and beautifully finished materials and a name that excites the imagination. 


Height 25 cm Width 25 cm
Depth 25 cm



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