Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti

Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti Model 2133 by Gino Sarfatti

White lacquered metal reflector, black lacquered metal lamp holder. Excellent condition.


“We have absolutely no need for so many lamps. But yes, we need a lamp - a new lamp - if we have a new bulb.” - Gino Sarfatti


Gino Sarfatti, the postwar maestro of lighting design, created this outstanding design, produced by his own company Arteluce, in 1972. Whenever a new light bulb was produced, Sarfatti designed a custom lamp and fitting for it. That is why all of his fixtures are beautifully balanced light sculptures without unnecessary elements. Model 2133 is an excellent example of his creative process: a functional light fixture and nothing more, but oh so elegant.


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Gino Sarfatti, born in Venice, was one of the greatest and most innovative master in the history of lighting design.


Initially, Sarfatti wanted to become an aeronautical engineer, but due to financial difficulties, he wasn’t able to finish these studies. Therefore he went to work in a lampshade factory and gradually became entirely captivated by lighting. Unlike most other designers, he exclusively focused on light fixtures which yielded him an unlimited artistic freedom.


In 1939 Sarfatti founded Arteluce in Milan, a small but successful company, producing inventive designs in a time of poignant material shortage. He designed his first lamp when a family friend asked him to turn a glass vase into one. Sarfatti placed a lighting fixture from a coffee machine inside the vase. Being intrigued by the process, he opened the “rational lighting” workshop.


Responding to industrial developments, he devised a customed fixture around each new bulb. Rather than using names that stir the imagination, all of his designs were given numbers, fitting a well conceived system. Despite his rational approach, his designs don't lack playfulness nor elegance. On the contrary, Sarfatti's legacy of more than 500 lamps was and still is a rich source of inspiration to many designers. Arteluce and Sarfatti received several awards, including the Compasso d'Oro in 1954. The company produced light fixtures by leading Italian and international designers like Sergio Asti, Pieter De Bruyne and many others. FLOS purchased Arteluce in 1974 and hereby added Gino Sarfatti to their already impressive list of renowned designers of light.


Height 22 cm Width 60 cm
Depth 60 cm



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