Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg

Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg Cylinder II by Jo Hammerborg

Brass colored aluminum, teak bar. Very good vintage condition.


Jo Hammerborg created this two-piece pendant for Fog & Mørup around 1966. This timeless aluminium design was produced in the same period as his famous Trombone-series which both share a sophisticated light distribution with sculptural allure. The two smooth cylinders - reminding of binoculars - are held together by a wooden beam, a simple construction that demonstrates how beautiful and enlightening pure logic can be.


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Johannes Hammerborg (1920 - 1982) was a Danish designer, who started his professional career as a silversmith before he became head of design at Fog & Mørup from 1957-1980. Under his wings, the Danish lighting design company knew its most successful period in 80 years of existence. Hammerborg had a clear artistical and commercial vision that went into the smallest details; labelling, packaging, advertising and showroom display. In his collaboration with Sidse Werner and Leif Alring for creating the parachute-like Formland lamp series, Hammerborg’s passion for skydiving plays an important role. He even piloted the plane that was used in the promotional photoshoot. Hammerborg himself created over 60 lamps. A lot of those designs; great examples of his formal and aesthetic insights, were awarded with prizes. The Classic, Tunika, Saturn and Diskos pendants all won an iF Product Design Award. Jo Hammerborg left the company in 1980 to set up his own lighting design business, two years before he died in a skydiving accident. After he left, Fog & Mørup experienced a rapid decline.


Height 25 cm Width 34 cm
Depth 10 cm


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